Henry’s Project

Today, Henry, a brain-damaged child, is almost 6 years old, but unfortunately not doing well.
KSD is covering his hospital bills, has had his mom’s ID card made, and will pay for health insurance for the entire family.

Henry's project

In addition, KSD through its donors has been able to secure schooling for all of Henry’s siblings.fratelli henry

The story of Henry and his family:
A miracle built, in the time of Covid-19 and Ramadam, in 40 days:

Henry, a brain-damaged 3-year-old boy, along with his mom and 6 siblings, lived in a dilapidated hut. 
Thanks to the intervention of Kenya School Desk Association O D V and Dr. Olando, from the private clinic in Malindi, together they built a brick house with bathrooms and furniture with beds, mattresses, tables and chairs.

Thanks also to the collaboration of Dr. Salma of the General Hospital of Malindi and Kenya Invisible Kids who have borne the costs of hospital and TB treatment.

Together with our donors we have built a miracle ❤️

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