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Since 2017, with a lot of commitment and a lot of persistence, Kenya School Desk has set up schools in the rural areas of Kenya, committing itself to making Kenyan children taste a form of normality that is made up of education, love, and also fun.

In just 2 years, with the support of our helpers, we have done a lot, but much remains to be done.

If you wish, you can also support the project and help us give these wonderful children a helping hand and a smile!!!


Choose the donation method that is most convenient for you and proceed by bank transfer to:


IBAN IT 06 R 0760101600 001046286470


€ 110,00 supports a child's education, with a snack guaranteed every day, for a whole year.

€ 55,00 supports a child's education, with a snack guaranteed every day, for half a year.

furnish the classroom

€ 38,00 can buy a desk with your name or the name of a person of your choice.

€ 38,00 can buy a blackboard with your name or the name of a person of your choice.


€ 14,00 buys a shirt WITH A KENYA SCHOOL DESK LOGO.

€ 10,00 buys a packet of sanitary pads.

6 months of school and food

12 months of school and food
Benches and blackboards with name
T-shirts with logo
Solidarity trips
Solidarity craftsmanship

Every day in Kenya, new needs require our attention. There are many things to do to ensure a dignified and peaceful life for many children and young people.
Every day, Kenya School Desk is faced with important choices, with the task of creating and implementing feasible projects. However, everyone needs help. Discover the many new projects that you can help with too!

Mother’s Day Lottery

Mother’s Day Lottery

For the Mother’s Day Lottery, to be held on May 8, 2022, there will be beautiful prizes made in Italy by our volunteer seamstresses with Kenyan fabrics and crafts. 1 number ➔ suggested donation €3.00 4 number ➔ recommended donation €10.00 PRIZES: 1st PRIZE ➔ bag with fabrics from Kenya 2nd PRIZE ➔ wooden ladles […]
Henry’s Project

Henry’s Project

Today, Henry, a brain-damaged child, is almost 6 years old, but unfortunately not doing well. KSD is covering his hospital bills, has had his mom’s ID card made, and will pay for health insurance for the entire family. In addition, KSD through its donors has been able to secure schooling for all of Henry’s siblings. […]
Donate a brick to the Farm Project

Donate a brick to the Farm Project

Farm Project is moving forward and today we have another goal to accomplish!!! ➡️ The SECRETARY OFFICE is being built in order to open the Farm School in Langobaya. We make our own bricks here, but it wouldn’t be possible without your help💪🏿❤️ 1 brick ➔ suggested donation from €3.00 4 bricks ➔ suggested donation […]