Donate a brick to the Farm Project

Copertina KSD dona mattoni

Farm Project is moving forward and today we have another goal to accomplish!!!

➡️ The SECRETARY OFFICE is being built in order to open the Farm School in Langobaya.

We make our own bricks here, but it wouldn’t be possible without your help💪🏿❤️

Dona un mattone al farm project

1 brick ➔ suggested donation from €3.00
4 bricks ➔ suggested donation from €10.00

Dues come in large part from those who buy in solidarity from our yard sale, those who buy bricks, and those who donate free dues to us.

The names of the donors who contributed to the construction of this miracle called FARM PROJECT will be written on many plaques placed around the perimeter of the farm.

Kenya School Desk has the bricks produced on site with a proprietary machine, creating work for so many people in the village near the Langobaya project.

produzione mattoni

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