Help us to fight child prostitution in Kenya with Africa Pads

In Kenya, the menstrual cycle is still a taboo today.

A survey carried out by British researcher Penelope Phillips-Howard and published in Il Messaggero showed that, in the countries of sub-Saharan Africa, 1 out of 10 15-year-olds works as a prostitute to find the money to buy sanitary pads.

In Kenya, in fact, there continues to be a widespread belief that a girl who is on her menstrual cycle is dirty and impure. Rather than run the risk of getting stained and being teased by classmates, many young girls decide not to go to school and instead to prostitute themselves to obtain the hygiene products they need for those days.

To take advantage of the situation, there are many taxi-bike drivers who offer clean and absorbent pads in exchange for sex.

To fight against this sad situation, we at Kenya School Desk put ourselves in the front line, launching a project to supply sanitary pads: Africa Pads.

Our initiative aims to combat African child prostitution and to promote the education of all girls.

Africa Pads are washable and non-polluting. Each packet, which costs €10, lasts for a year.

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